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Murals are paintings meant for walls. They can still be on the wall (historic preservation in a building) or have been removed (for demolition).

Purpose of Life Mural Installed


Here’s a short article from BYU Idaho abou the installation fo teh puprose of Life mural on campus: Click here#mce_temp_url# The video about its saving from demolition can be seen in this video:

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Art Conservation Forensic Analysis Assists In The Recreation of Historic Details In New LDS Provo City Center Temple


In April of 2011, I was asked to do forensic analysis of wall decorations in the burned out Provo Tabernacle building by the LDS Church History Dept. to find out details and make proposals. While proposals to recoup or salvage … Continue reading

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Mormon Pioneer Settlers Depicted in Historic 1938 WPA Mural


Brigham Young is credited with the unparalleled settling of the West during the great expansion period of US History (according to US History books… not according to Native American’s history, of course). Interestingly, the settling process of “new lands”, towns/cities … Continue reading

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New Murals Installed into Redesigned LDS Church History Museum


An exciting event is taking place as I write this; the LDS Church History Museum, located on North Temple and West Temple in Salt Lake City, in undergoing a redesign of all its interior exhibits. The new exhibits include new … Continue reading

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Minerva Teichert Mural – Mural Removal, Art Conservation, Mural Reinstallation, Save a Mural


This video shows the removal of 2 beautiful murals by renown early Mormon woman artist Minerva Teichert from an LDS tabernacle (historic conference center built in 1918) in Montepelier, Idaho. The murals were removed because the demolition for the upgrading … Continue reading

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Teichert Murals from Montpelier and much more…


I finally arrived home let evening with about $3 million worth of art in the back of the Suburban. Today we’ll unleash the power and smarts of the team at the lab, get everything “logged in” evaluated, tested, photographed and organized. … Continue reading

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Purpose of Life Mural Art Conservation Treatments Completed… and a twist!


Here you are, the first to know… we have finally finished the painting conservation treatments on the famous The Purpose of Life mural. This iconic painting was widely used, worldwide, as a teaching aid, illustration and artwork. You may have … Continue reading

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Pioneer Art and Murals


Here’s the intro video for the website on Pioneer Art Restoration ( Sorry we haven’t posted anything interesting lately. Some of my help graduated from school and moved on (interns). But an interesting conversation I had the other day was … Continue reading

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Cody Mural Art Conservation Examination, Cody Wyoming


When you walk into the space where this mural is located it catches you a bit by surprise! You are surrounded by the story and emotions of the mural because it is painted on the wall of a small round … Continue reading

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1929 Mural to Saved From Demolition in Building Remodel in Idaho


While I was planning the work for the art conservation treatments of the murals in the Idaho Falls Mormon temple, I was asked by the LDS History Dept. to get info on a mural in a removed hillside town outside … Continue reading

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