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Murals are paintings meant for walls. They can still be on the wall (historic preservation in a building) or have been removed (for demolition).

Historic Murals Evaluated


The “historic” murals are being evaluated on October 13, 2014 to see what is needed for long term preservation. You may have a problem with the term ‘historic’  for murals that were painted in 1942-49 as that time period may … Continue reading

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Mural Reinstalled in Ogden


The old Ogden Temple was the same style as the Provo Temple but had several big problems as related to me by the temple engineer: 1. It was built on an underground river which was resulting in a perpetual mold … Continue reading

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Teichert Murals from Montpelier and much more…


I finally arrived home let evening with about $3 million worth of art in the back of the Suburban. Today we’ll unleash the power and smarts of the team at the lab, get everything “logged in” evaluated, tested, photographed and organized. … Continue reading

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Purpose of Life Mural Art Conservation Treatments Completed… and a twist!


Here you are, the first to know… we have finally finished the painting conservation treatments on the famous The Purpose of Life mural. This iconic painting was widely used, worldwide, as a teaching aid, illustration and artwork. You may have … Continue reading

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St. George Temple Murals Inspection


I’ve been asked to inspect the St. George Temple murals this next Monday for condition and mural restoration issues. So, at this point there isn’t much to say other than their condition and the potential art conservation treatments are being … Continue reading

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The Manti Temple Art – Upcoming art conservation work


For many, the Manti temple holds a very special place in the heart. Traveling 800 extra miles, my parents were married there in 1951 and my mother always purred over the lovely pioneer, Victorian style that sets a particular stage … Continue reading

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DC and Rio Temple Murals


Here’s the intro video for the website on Pioneer Art Restoration ( Sorry we haven’t posted anything interesting lately. Some of my help graduated from school and moved on (interns). But an interesting conversation I had the other day was … Continue reading

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Cody Mural Art Conservation Examination, Cody Wyoming


When you walk into the space where this mural is located it catches you a bit by surprise! You are surrounded by the story and emotions of the mural because it is painted on the wall of a small round … Continue reading

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1929 Mural to Saved From Demolition in Building Remodel in Idaho


While I was planning the work for the art conservation treatments of the murals in the Idaho Falls Mormon temple, I was asked by the LDS History Dept. to get info on a mural in a removed hillside town outside … Continue reading

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“Purpose of Life” by Robert Oliver Skemp (Hyde Park Mural) Update


I was asked for a quick update on the progress of the mural by Robert Oliver Skemp we removed from the Hyde Park Chapel in London, England: We are cleaning the reverse side of the glue etc that stayed on the … Continue reading

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