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Consultation Services

Consultation services include emergency preparedness and disaster response planning/research, insurance evaluations connected with emergency/damage claims and surveys. Disaster response and damage mitigation services and working with insurance companies are common.

Acquisition/deaccession evaluations, grant preparation and applications, fundraising, setting collection conservation/preservation priorities, long-range planning and short-range budget plans, evaluations of storage facilities and environmental needs, consultant for traveling exhibitions/shipping.

Some of the more notable clients for these services have been:

Small Business Development Centers National Clearinghouse/Research Center

Homeland Security Outlook, Washington DC

Thorn Human Resource Professional Information Clearinghouse, Whittier, CA

Dagget Sagar Enterprizes, Bombay, India

AMCDPE (SBDC sister organization in Mexican)

Life Caps Disaster Preparedness Corp, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, CA

Bonhams and Butterfield Auctioneers and Appraisers

John Moran antique and Fine Art Auctioneers

Japanese American National Museum

National Park Service, United States Government

The General Services Administration, US Government

City of Dallas, Texas

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Central Library, City of Los Angeles

Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer and Assoc., Los Angeles and New York

The City of Burbank, Burbank, CA

Brenda Levin and Associates, Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA

Saint Monica’s Church, Santa Monica, CA

The Historic Mission Inn Corporation, Riverside, CA

International Iberian Institute of Art, Santa Fe, NM

Friends of Mexico Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Park, CA

The State Government of Washington

Getty Conservation Institute, Marina Del Rey, CA

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, CA

Los Alamitos Historical Park, Long Beach, CA

Native Sons of the Golden West, San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA

University of California at Santa Barbara

Friends of the Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Institute of Museum Services, US Government, Washington DC

Lassen International, Maui and Las Vegas

Museum of Art and Church History, Salt Lake City, UT

Bain Investments Int’l, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo

North Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Carlson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Schmidt Estate Collections, Locarne, Switzerland

ENAIP Lombardy Regional Conservation Center, Botticino,Italy

Santa Barbara Trust for Historical Preservation, CA

Margaret Mallory Collection, CA

Leigh B. Block Collection, CA

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

State of Utah Art Collection, Utah Arts Council, Salt Lake City, UT

Historical Div., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, SLC, UT

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum, Salt Lake City, UT

Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT

The Shroud of Turin Project

Cavriana Archaeological Museum, Cavriana, Italy

Montini Family Collection Pope Paul VI, Lumezzane, Italy

Museum of Ex-Monastero della Trinitá, Botticino, Italy

Received October 2, 2003: National Trust for Historic Preservation Award , National Preservation Award which is the highest award for professional preservation from the United States Government for services rendered to the Fair Park, Dallas Texas

“This information needs to be in the hands of every staff member in every FEMA office in disaster areas.” Dr. Bill Henriques, Public Information Officer, Federal Coordinating Officer for Disasters, FEMA, National Contingency Program, Public Affairs

This is the Home Edition.

The Office Edition is due from the publisher in July 2010

6 Responses to Consultation Services, Assessments

  1. Jonathan says:

    I have a large original oil by Archie Johnson Inger and I was wondering if you have any info based on your professional work. He was born in Idaho on June 17, 1883. During 1906-07 Inger worked as a decorative painter for Southern Pacific Railway in Ogden, UT. After moving to California, he was a resident of Los Angeles in 1916. By 1927 he had moved north to Alameda and in 1939 settled in nearby Hayward where he remained until his death on Oct. 4, 1954.
    Source: Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940″ City Directory; California Arts and Architecture list, 1932; Death record.

    If you know anymore about him, could you give me a call?

    Jonathan 858 401 2987

    • Scott Haskins says:

      Thanks for leaving your question Jonathan. I don’t think your artwork has much to do with historic Mormon Art. It appears to be an unidentifiable landscape. Ebay is your best bet. If you find something else though, I do know several collectors of historic Mormon Art

    • Scott Haskins says:

      Jonathan, I don’t know Inger’s work but I have worked on many paintings commissioned by the Southern Pacific Railway. They sought out capable, if not famous, artists so their work is often collectible. Three negative characteristics of these commissioned paintings that reflect on the value are: 1. the signatures and inscriptions of Southern Pacific Railways are usually HUGE (way out of proportion); 2. Sometimes the work of canyons and landscapes were done quickly and loosely, style wise, (perhaps they were painted to been seen from a distance) so they appeal to fewer people and 3. the paintings were sometimes very big… a little bigger than people usually buy for a living room but probably OK for a wall in an open office space.

      I’m assuming that because you found your way to this blog that the scene is presumably Utah and that Inger was a member of the LDS Church?

      Talking about railway company art, I worked on the murals in the Union Pacific Railway station in SLC years ago. These two murals are two depictions of important moments in Utah/Mormon history:

  2. John Hjalmarson says:

    I have an old portrait oil painting. It was probably painted in the 1840′s. It should be restored. How do I go about setting up a consultation with you? I live in Arroyo Grande, California. Thanks, John Hjalmarson

    • Scott Haskins says:

      John, I look forward to speaking with you. I’ll try you at the number you left me. My mobile number is 805 570 4140
      All my best

  3. Slabe Morada says:

    Excellent post. I love coming back to see what’s new and I am always impressed!

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