Provo City Center Temple Floats in the air…


Old tabernacle converted to LDS temple

The “floating temple” has made news. Here’s an article about the process. Click around the website… there are other articles and photos of religious buildings that are amazing:

By way of reporting in on an old issue. When the Provo Tabernacle burned, a print of Harry Andersen’s Second Coming painting burned in a mysterious way. We ran a poll to see if people thought it should be saved or not. The response was overwhelmingly “Yes!” to preserve and restore the print in its present appearance. In other words, stabilize and make it presentable in its burned appearance. The LDS History Department decided to save the item in archives but did not allocate any money to have it worked on. I think there may have been “stop-gap” preservation treatments to stabilize the deterioration but nothing is planned to make it presentable. Here’s the short video about saving it from the fire in case you are not remembering what I am talking about:

Video of Provo City Center Temple completion just released:

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