Provo Tabernacle Update- See photo of original historical decorative painting never before seen


Provo Tabernacle on Fire

Provo Tabernacle on fire Dec. 18, 2010

Some of you may already know that the Provo Tabernacle that burned in December last year, December 18, 2010 will be restored on the outside to it’s historic appearance but that its use and purpose will change. The LDS Church announced in its General Conference last week that the building will be rebuilt into the second temple in the Provo area. Here is a photo of the interior as it looks, more or less, today:

As it appears today, the Provo Tabernacle Interior

The Provo Tabernacle interior as it appears today.

You may remember that the Church History Dept. asked me to do some tests on some original decorative painting that was discovered after the fire burned off several layers of wall paper: Here’s what those newly discovered original historic decorations look like. I don’t think they have ever been seen before by the public:

Provo Tabernacle newly discovered original historic decorative painting

Newly discovered original historic decorative painting in Provo Tabernacle

While the LDS History Department was trying to have them incorporated into the rebuilding of the tabernacle, now that it is going to be a temple, I’m not sure what the plan is for these original details. Of course, if I hear something, I’ll let you know.

Another subject that has been on people’s minds has been “What has been the ultimate fate of the miraculous survival of the print of Christ?” Well, the print has been saved by the Church History Dept. but there is no plan to do anything with it immediately. But I have a plan that may work towards getting it preserved. For now, its “a secret” until the idea gets pitched. you may remember though that I solicited a survey of what people though should be done with the print. See the super short video:

The overwhelming, almost 98% opinion was to preserve the print as is but not to restore it so that it looked perfect. Then, after it is preserved, to put it back in the tabernacle as a historical artifact of the fire and the history of the tabernacle.

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