Pioneer Art and Murals


Here’s the intro video for the website on Pioneer Art Restoration (

Sorry we haven’t posted anything interesting lately. Some of my help graduated from school and moved on (interns). But an interesting conversation I had the other day was with a planning department that wants to protect and save murals next year. So we are making plans for assessments and testing. Its nice to know that the murals are part of the plans!

We’ll be in touch!

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Mob violence and murder of Joseph Smith

Martyrdom of Joseph Smith at Carthage Jail

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About Scott Haskins

Scott M. Haskins has been in the field of professional art conservation since 1975. He studied and worked doing mural and painting conservation in Italy until 1979. He headed up the painting conservation laboratory at Brigham Young University for the BYU Permanent Art Collection and the LDS HIstorical Department until 1984. He works from Santa Barbara, CA providing art conservation services nationwide. He is also the author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster."
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7 Responses to Pioneer Art and Murals

  1. Stan Bailey says:

    I visited a church in Mt. View, CA that had a beautiful mural of Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah with the angel. it was sort of sad, the state it was in. I asked some of the members there, They commented that the local church authorities were not interested in keeping it up as it was not “standard” Church art. I’d love to get its story out to the general public.

    • Scott Haskins says:

      Stan, you could call Emily Utt (801 671 0369), a special projects director for the History Department of the Church, and talk to her about it. She will be interested in your info.

  2. Scott says:

    Got the arrangements made today to go to Washington DC on April 22 to look over the John Scott mural in the Temple.

  3. Nicklaus says:

    Nice to see updates. I love knowing about these things.

  4. Jordan Mason says:

    This is cool to find out about this stuff before it happens. What murals are in Rio?!

    • Scott Haskins says:

      I was surprised too to hear about murals in Rio. Except for what the church may have online, I don’t know anything about the murals.

      • Scott says:

        I always work on already existing murals that need some restoration. But in General Conference yesterday, Pres. Monson announced the Rio temple to be built. So, maybe my job with that temple is the planning for and the eventual installation of murals? I don’t know. I’m kind of puzzled.

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