New Murals Installed into Redesigned LDS Church History Museum


An exciting event is taking place as I write this; the LDS Church History Museum, located on North Temple and West Temple in Salt Lake City, in undergoing a redesign of all its interior exhibits. The new exhibits include new murals by well know artist Douglas Fryer who has done murals in numerous temples and has a solo featured exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico next month in Sept.

Today, we began the installation of the big murals; one 11′ x 25′ and the other 10′ x 15′. The installation is being assisted by History Dept. personnel. Here is a photo of part of our 12 person crew
Installation of mural into museum

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About Scott Haskins

Scott M. Haskins has been in the field of professional art conservation since 1975. He studied and worked doing mural and painting conservation in Italy until 1979. He headed up the painting conservation laboratory at Brigham Young University for the BYU Permanent Art Collection and the LDS HIstorical Department until 1984. He works from Santa Barbara, CA providing art conservation services nationwide. He is also the author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster."
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