St. George Temple Murals Inspection


I’ve been asked to inspect the St. George Temple murals this next Monday for condition and mural restoration issues. So, at this point there isn’t much to say other than their condition and the potential art conservation treatments are being taken into consideration for a future intervention. I’ll report back in after the examination.

As some of you know, the St. George Temple was the first temple completed by the early pioneers after their arrival from Nauvoo.

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About Scott Haskins

Scott M. Haskins has been in the field of professional art conservation since 1975. He studied and worked doing mural and painting conservation in Italy until 1979. He headed up the painting conservation laboratory at Brigham Young University for the BYU Permanent Art Collection and the LDS HIstorical Department until 1984. He works from Santa Barbara, CA providing art conservation services nationwide. He is also the author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster."
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  1. Jake says:

    So what was the report on the St. George murals? I’d love to know!

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