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This video shows the removal of 2 beautiful murals by renown early Mormon woman artist Minerva Teichert from an LDS tabernacle (historic conference center built in 1918) in Montepelier, Idaho. The murals were removed because the demolition for the upgrading of the systems in the building and the toxic materials abatement was going to be extensive. Highly prized, the renovation work could not be started until the murals were safely removed from off the walls and out of the building. This building was in Minerva’s backyard, so to speak, as she lived in the nearby, Cokeville.

On the back of one of the murals was an inscription in Minerva’s handwriting that the murals came from the Connors Hotel in Laramie, Wyoming and were moved to this building by Minerva. I’m supposing the murals may have been painted in the 1930′s and moved to Montpelier in the 1950s/

Inscription on back of Minerva Teichert mural

The mural underwent art conservation treatments at FACL art conservation laboratory and then were reinstalled back into their original location after the building renovation was completed.

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Momon Tabernacle (convention center) in Montpelier Idaho

Momon Tabernacle (convention center) in Montpelier Idaho

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