Minerva Teichert’s “Pioneers” Has Previous Poor Quality Art Restoration Redone


This one of a pair of Pioneer paintings by Minerva Teichert

"Pioneers" is one of a pair of huge paintings that hang in the LDS Museum in SLC

Pioneers by Minerva Teichert is actually part of a pair of huge paintings that hang in the LDS Museum of Church history and Art. This painting on canvas reflects the great quality of early Mormon art by the turn of the century artists in this group.

 Detail left side- Minerva Teichert Pioneers

Detail left side

 Detail right side - Pioneers by Minerva Teichert

Detail right side

Previously restored, the painting was showing signs of problems: bubbles or areas lifting as it was glued down to plywood! You may ask, “What is wrong with mounting a painting to plywood… or Masonite? Well, plywood and Masonite are both very acidic materials, are considered super non archival, and cause the accelerated deterioration (embrittlement) of canvas and paper. Add to that poor choice of material, the use of “permanent” glues (like all the construction grade products) and you have a real preservation mess on your hands.

We assume this painting was previously cleaned too… but here’s our cleaning test:

Cleaning test

Cleaning test - removal of discolored varnish

As I write this, we are removing the painting VERY CAREFULLY from the plywood and scraping the adhesive that is stuck to the back of the canvas off.

Removal of painting on canvas from plywood

The large cylinder keeps the painting from kinking or stressing the paint.

Being careful to not stress the paint layers

Being careful to not stress the paint layers and cause flaking and cracking.

More later on the update of the art conservation treatments… and maybe we’ll make a short video of the art restoration treatments. Stay in touch.

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