Remembering Interesting Painting Restoration Projects At An LDS Art Exhibition


The recent exhibition celebrating 50 Years of LDS Art in Salt lake City, Utah gave me a chance to remember interesting art conservation and restoration projects that we’ve preserved and restored over the years. Let me share some of those reflections with you.

Our lab has enjoyed working with Anthony Christensen Fine Art for many years and the first period portrait in the video (from a live sitting) of Brigham Young is by Enoch Wood Perry. It reminded me of the many, many portraits of this dynamic leader and prophet that have come under our care over the decades. The portrait in the video from the Beehive House belongs to the Church History Museum.

The contemporary paintings of historical scenes in the exhibition reminded me of the important work we’ve done with vintage historical artists like CCA Christiansen. Many of the paintings he left  us have become National Treasures. In the video, the art conservation treatments of several examples from the Panorama Series of the History of the Church are discussed along with a couple of his other well known paintings.

In the exhibition at Tony Christensen’s, I found the well-known image of Gary Smith’s “Martyrdom.” There were many others that quickly became my favorites:

Robert Barrett’s “Prayer in the Desert” or He’ll Hear My Prayer” was really wonderful.

There was a large, almost life size, lovely stained glass window of the Savior.

I love all of Niki Covington’s classical styled sculptures. The one in the exhibition is entitled “Come, I will make you fishers of men.”

Michael Malm’s painting “Five Were Wise” I thought was magical.

I was surprised to see the iconic painting by Minerva Teichert of Christ of the Americas which belongs to the Springville Museum of Art (for whom we do work). Seeing this reminded me of the many paintings by Teichert we have enjoyed having in our lab over the decades. I worked on this famous painting in 1980. I’ve always loved Teichert’s Book of Mormon paintings and the video shows a couple that are favorites of mine.

Arnold Friberg’s study for his Alma Baptizing in the Waters of Mormon was fun to see. His sketches were very interesting to see up close… and they are for sale. His study of Moroni reminded me of a project restoring the front page of the architectural drawings for the Los Angeles Temple from 1952.

On the architectural plans cover, his depiction of Moroni is powerful. Its interesting to note on the drawing of the sculptural design around the front door of the temple that was on display at Tony Christensens… that it was never executed.

This recent exhibition celebrating LDS Art recalled to my mind these interesting art conservation and restoration projects (and many more) that we’ve preserved and restored over the years. There’s a great amount of professional and personal satisfaction in having contributed to the preservation and optimum appearance of the heritage and culture of Mormon Art for generations to come.

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Minerva Teichert Book of Mormon painting

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