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Minerva Teichert Mural – Mural Removal, Art Conservation, Mural Reinstallation, Save a Mural


This video shows the removal of 2 beautiful murals by renown early Mormon woman artist Minerva Teichert from an LDS tabernacle (historic conference center built in 1918) in Montepelier, Idaho. The murals were removed because the demolition for the upgrading … Continue reading

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Teichert Murals from Montpelier and much more…


I finally arrived home┬álet evening with about $3 million worth of art in the back of the Suburban. Today we’ll unleash the power and smarts of the team at the lab, get everything “logged in” evaluated, tested, photographed and organized. … Continue reading

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Minerva Teichert painting in arrival at our lab


Rarely seen because its tucked away in an LDS chapel in the town Minerva grew up in, Cokesville Idaho is a large painting 4′ x 8′ that is beautiful and interesting and will be coming to our lab later this … Continue reading

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LDS Museum of Church History and Art Gets Big Delivery Today – October 27th


I’m on my way to Utah today for a very interesting visit with clients in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.┬áPart of this trip is all about delivering some big paintings to the LDS Museum of Church History.

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Church History Museum’s New Teichert


A new oil painting by Minerva Teichert has found its way into the collection of the Church History Museum. Above is a portion of the painting. To see Zoram and other details, you will need to wait till the Church … Continue reading

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Pioneers by Minerva Teichert Just Restored – Delivery next week


Whew! We are doing a lot of very cool projects for the LDS CHurch History Dept and the Museum right now. I could blog daily! Sorry I don’t have the time to share everything I’d like to about these really … Continue reading

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New Minerva Teichert Masterpiece Discovered In A Garage Behind Bikes


The LDS Church Historical Department head shows up one day at my lab. I thought it was for a social visit but he was more than a little uncharacteristically giddy. He had in tow a rather large package. “We just … Continue reading

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