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Provo City Center Temple Floats in the air…


The “floating temple” has made news. Here’s an article about the process. Click around the website… there are other articles and photos of religious buildings that are amazing: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/05/the-floating-temple-how-to-lift-a-seven-million-pound-112-year-old-building/ By way of reporting in on an old issue. When the … Continue reading

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Burned Out Provo Tabernacle Research Turns Up Hidden Beautiful Painted Decorations


A forensic researcher of historic properties asked me to look through the Rubble of the burned out Provo Tabernacle recently. Apparently, when the fire burned through the historic structure, it peeled off of the walls many multiple layers of wall … Continue reading

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Should the Print from the Provo Tabernacle Fire Be Preserved?


“Like” this blog post by clicking on the “Thumbs up” Here’s a photo of the “Painting” saved from the Provo Tabernacle Fire. Actually, its a print (giclee). Everybody… I need some input! Do we save it or not? Or just … Continue reading

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